Gabor Szilagyi


Functional Training Coach



My passion about movement started when I was 3. Til the age of 10 I did swimming, gymnastics, wrestling, athletics, basketball, handball and football. Later on as a professional football player I had to face a serious spinal injury, which had opened my eyes, that it’s not enough to be fit, you have to be healthy first. It’s easier to prevent things than fixing. My goal as a functional trainer is to make people’s day-to-day life easier by teaching them useful self-care methods and making them move to be the best version of themselves!


  • ViPR Master Trainer
  • Institute of Motion
  • Project Resistance
  • EN/FR/HU




Rue Guimard 1

1040 Brussels



The clinic is located 100m from the Metro Station at Arts-Loi, on the ground floor of Rue Guimard 1, just around the corner from Filigranes bookshop on Avenue des Arts. This is a short walk from the European Parliament and the United States Embassy. On-street parking is difficult to find during working hours and of course the street traffic can often be very busy. On Saturday’s however this is not a problem.

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